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SL-2G Slit Lamp

The SL-2G is a clinical slit lamp for use in eye examination. It features a compact illumination unit with an LED light source. The unit houses the adjustable slit mechanism with up to 14mm of aperture. The slit angle can be rotated 180 degrees and a set of red free and cobalt blue filters can be inserted by lever movement. Magnification changes are done through a rotating drum with 10X, 16X and 25X magnification. The oculars are Galilean converging type and accept the attachment of a beam splitter. Optional mounts for R-900 and 870 type applanation tonometers are available.

  • LED illumination makes continuous bulb replacement unnecessary.

  • Affordable slit lamp fully equipped with all the functions needed for a comprehensive eye exam.

  • Topcon’s specially treated lenses provide traditional Topcon optical excellence and a bright, clear and distortion-free view.

  • Ergonomic design provides easy accessibility and enhances user and patient comfort.

  • Variety of filters improve observation including red-free for blood vessel and nevus observation and cobalt blue for fluorescein staining and IOP measurements.

  • Topcon omni-directional joystick and elevation mechanism provide silky-smooth movement and cross plate sliding assures exact positioning of the instrument.

  • Slit angle rotation from 0 to 180 capability enhances the flexibility of use.

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  • Long Life and Power-Saving LED Illumination

  • The LED illumination can be adjusted continuously from 0 to maximum.

  • Uniform and consistent illumination is achieved 
    by LED source. 

  • Three Magnifications (10x; 16x; 25x) 

  • Compact and Practical , Ergonomic Design 

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