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Sleek design. Contemporary. Functional.

Set your practice apart with heightened innovation


The XOMA Exam Room System offers a captivating, contemporary design. But even more important is the solid thinking behind its appearance. Our advances provide a convenient patient education system and improved ergonomics were refined through extensive and in-depth user testing.

  • Patient education system is large and located in closer proximity to the patient and physician

  • Includes safety features for mechanical chair height adjustment

XOMA comes in three packages to fit the needs of any practice.

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Offered in three packages

Choose from:

  • XOMA base unit

  • XOMA plus Haag-Streit BQ slit lamp

  • XOMA plus Haag-Streit BQ slit lamp and IM900 imaging system

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Crescent Chair

  • Full-power tilt chair

  • 184° rotation

  • Locking armrests

  • Low entry height (19.8")

  • Hydraulic lift supports up to 500lbs

  • Pillow headrest with vertical travel

  • Backlit programmable switches

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XOMA Control Unit

  • Tower mounted refractor arm allows for effortless precise placement of refractor, and ease of storage

  • Slit lamp arm features a vertical travel of 12" and adjusts with a single hand

  • XOMA features an ergonomic tabletop for Haag-Streit BQ slit lamps with chair raise/lower switch incorporated in design

  • Built-in monitor support

  • Three rechargeable wells

  • Eclipse Room Light Control System manages all room lighting, with lighting scenes triggered by instrument moves

  • Slit lamp arm height adjusted by conveniently placed switch on side of slit lamp table

Watch the XOMA Exam Room System Features Video

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