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iPhone Fundus Camera

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Seeing is Believing

The Volk iNview is an ophthalmic camera used to acquire wide-angle digital color images of the retina (fundus) using an Apple iPhone or iPod. Volk iNview is a combination product comprised of a mobile application (Apple App Store) and an indirect ophthalmoscopic lens attachment that fits for an Apple iPhone/iPod.


Volk iNview is intended to take photographs of the retina of the eye for the purposes of general visualization & patient education.

Leveraging the Power of the Apple iPhone with the Trusted Quality of Volk Optics

  • Quickly & effortlessly capture fundus images for visualization & patient education

  • Facilitate doctor-patient discussions related to disease progression and treatment plan.

  • Free mobile application available in the Apple App Store* (search Volk iNview)

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