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Aladdin HW 3.0 Biometer with Corneal Topography

Aladdin HW 3.0 Biometer with Corneal Topography

2017 official Topcon LOGO.gif
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The Aladdin HW3.0 is a multi-function instrument that combines a series of measurements to assist eye surgeons in the calculation of IOL power. The Aladdin combines Axial Length, Keratometry, Anterior Chamber Depth, Lens Thickness, Central Corneal Thickness, Corneal Topography, Pupillometry and Corneal Diameter in one single instrument, assisting the Eye Surgeon not only in conventional IOL power calculation, but also in his or her choice of the right premium IOL for each individual eye.

  • Point and shoot acquisition: all necessary measurements are taken in under 5 seconds.

  • Proven Interferometry technology delivers accurate axial length, lens thickness, and central corneal thickness information.

  • 9 Measurements in one single instrument.

  • The operator is only 3 clicks away from printing the IOL report.

  • Precise IOL power calculation formulae and generic Toric IOL calculator including the Abulafia-Koch astigmatic regression formula.

  • On-board Olsen formula with "C" constant

  • On-board Barrett IOL Calculation Suite including the Barrett Rx, The Barrett Toric IOL Calculator, the Barrett True K and the Barrett Universal II formulae.

  • Built-in full Placido topography system offers all the additional diagnostic capabilities of any stand-alone topographer.

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