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All Pupil II Bulb Wired

The All Pupil II is based on the design of the number-one selling All Pupil indirect. Look for the features designed to make your examinations easier and more comfortable.

Outstanding brightness

With 2,000 lux of light, which can be turned down to 2% of total illumination, when necessary, All Pupil II offers maximum illumination with total control.

Lightweight and comfortable

The device weighs just 520 grams, and extra padded materials have been incorporated into the headband to make this indirect extremely comfortable for all examinations.

Simple controls

The All Pupil II has a unique single control to change aperture size and position in one movement to view through all pupil sizes.

IR and UV barrier

There is a built-in IR/UV barrier, which guarantees improved patient protection and safety.

Quality and efficiency

The high-contrast optics combined with the xenon light source offers brighter high-definition retinal images.

15% lighter

Advanced textured engineering materials provide a lighter, smaller, and more compact instrument without compromising the renowned Keeler reputation for robustness, reliability, and quality.

Filters and apertures

IR/UV filters are built into the optics of the All Pupil II with optional filters and a choice of three apertures, plus a soft light diffuser.

10w bulb wired headset only.

PD Range: 47 - 75mm


  • All Pupil II indirect ophthalmoscope

  • Headband

  • Lens cloth

  • Instructions CD

Power Source not included

No product

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