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rt-7000 auto refractor/keratometer/topographer

Three functions in one instrument

The RT-7000 is a device for stimulating new interest in corneal testing, by not only displaying astigmatism power but also analyzing corneal shape at the same time.

Combining refractometer, keratometer and topography in one unit. Patients do not need to change location for each test, so elderly patients and children can receive stress-free testing.
With one touch, the light cone appears from the measurement head, and the refractometer becomes a topographer.


One vision, Two sharp eyes with Our Innovation

●Easy & Speedy Touch Screen Alignment

●6.4 inch color TFT LCD

●Auto Alignment / Auto Shot

●Dual CCD technology for Refractometry

●IOL / Cataract Mode

●New Indices for Keratometry: KAI, KRI

●TSAS (Tear Stability Analysis System) MODE for Dry eye

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Tomey RT-7000 touch screen.jpg
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