Primary Application:

Chamber Angle Examination and Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty Procedures

Designed specifically for selective laser trabeculoplasty, the Volk®1 Single Use SLT lens delivers the highest resolution imaging of the trabecular meshwork for examination and laser treatment in a disposable design. The lens has a single reflecting surface which is the preferred standard for SLT procedures, but may also be used for Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty and all other trabeculoplasty procedures.


Features & Benefits:

  • 1.0x magnification maintains laser spot size and power density.
  • Curved upper lens surface ensures laser beam profile remains circular for consistent laser spot placement.
  • Silicone flanged contact element is designed to be used with coupling fluid to ensure stability and safety for laser delivery.
  • Large reflective facet provides excellent view of the angle and trabecular meshwork.
  • Volk®1 Single Use lenses aim to reduce the potential for transmission of infectious disease while eliminating reprocessing costs (disinfection & sterilization).
  • Pre-sterilized and packaged in sealed Tyvek® pouches.
  • Quality of Volk-manufactured optics deliver high-resolution images in a sterile, one-time-use design.
  • Assurance - Eliminate the potential for cross-contamination
  • Convenience - Do away with cumbersome, costly reprocessing of durable, reusable lenses


Sold in boxes of 10 lenses each

Volk®1 Single Use SLT Lens

$128.00 Regular Price
$118.00Sale Price