Famous, Traditional, Reliable Topopgrapher Continues to Set the Standard for Resolution, Accuracy & Corneal Coverage.

TMS-4 has the comprehensive software: Single, Dual, Multiple & you can even customize your own map with favorite scale, map type & so on. Fourier Analysis provides you the refractive information with Spherical Equivalent, Regular Astigmatism, Asymmetry & Higher order irregularity. Fourier Analysis provides the refractive information with 3mm & 6mm diameter range. 
The software applications, Klyce Statistics, Keratoconus Screening, Enhanced Height & Height Change Maps are also available. 

•    USB connection
•    Auto shot function
•    Large Patient Database
•    Easy Database Operation
•    Multi-Language Operation
•    Fourier Refractive Analysis
•    Quick Data Reference

•    Built-in LCD Alignment 

•    Keratoconus Screening & Other Applications






Tomey TMS-4a Corneal Topographer

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