Introducing the Fundus Module 300 slit lamp attachment:

A fundus imaging device that is an extension of Haag-Streit slit lamps, bringing the possibility of non-mydriatic retinal imaging into the regular slit lamp examination. No more need for stand-alone, hand-held fundus cameras. Just easily attach the Fundus Module 300 to our slit lamps, and start capturing retinal images in a matter of seconds.

Fundus imaging as an extension of the slit lamp exam 
Unlike handheld fundus camera devices, the Fundus Module 300 
attaches directly to the slit lamp for full, stable integration with the regular examination process. The retinal images required for clinical documentation of the fundus can be acquired directly from the slit lamp, reducing the need for special technicians and equipment. 

Simple, efficient image capturing 
Taking the Fundus Module 300 from its cradle and attaching it to the slit lamp takes only a few seconds. When in use, simply swivel the instrument into working position and align the camera with the slit lamp cross slide. Image capture and illumination controls are conveniently placed for easy use. The Fundus Module 300 can then autofocus, capture the image, and immediately upload it into our EyeSuite software for analysis. 

Intuitive software 
EyeSuite Imaging is an effective and proven software application that supports a number of Haag-Streit slit lamp imaging solutions. Images 
are easily captured and can be edited and displayed in a user-friendly interface. EyeSuite facilitates the distribution of images and data around the practice with a cost-effective networking solution and easily integrates with 3rd party EMR and DICOM systems. 

Haag-Streit Fundus Module 300

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