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fx-520 exam chair

Reliance FX-520
Reliance FX-520 reclined

Unique styling and functionality for maximum efficiency

This is a manual pneumatic assisted tilt recline examination chair that offers a contemporary design and a luxurious, oversized headrest to keep patients comfortable.

  • Arms rotate upward so patients can easily climb into the chair from either side

  • Upholstered armrests for comfort

  • Recline bar, easily grasped from both sides of the chair, controls the assisted recline of the chair to the maximum angle of 40 degrees

  • Release bar located on chair back with chair base controlled by footswitch

  • Dual-rotation locks allow you to rotate chair 360° from a single position

Maintain contact with patient during all chair functions.

All of our chairs come with a CSA, C/US Certificate of Compliance.

Reliance FX-520

Discover Your True Colors.

Get inspired by our interactive Reliance Color Studio – choose from a full spectrum of designer colors to easily envision what your chair will look like.

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