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The World-leading method of reducing the risk of cross infection

Ease, accuracy and efficiency in one

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Tonosafe are designed for single use, without compromising the performance of Goldmann Applanation Tonometers. Tonosafe reduces the risk of cross infection between patients and improves productivity by freeing doctors and nurses to focus on productive and important tasks.

  • Easy to use. The Tonosafe prism and holder combine to have the same mass as the Goldmann prism, so no conversion of results is needed.

  • Improves efficiency. Positing the prism is quick, and the optical clarity provides a superb view of florescent semi-circles.

  • Provides extreme accuracy. Calibrated to Goldmann standards, Tonosafe can be used in Goldmann and Perkins tonometers.

  • Clinically validated by many papers over a 10 year period. Salvi et al. (2004) reports that it may be used for screening plus routine clinical use.

Saves you time

Many hospitals using Tonosafe report higher productivity among doctors and nurses by freeing time previously spent on low-level tasks such as sterilizing prisms. It is more affordable to use Tonosafe as long as it takes you over an average of two minutes to sterilize each prism.

Easy to use

Customers report that using Tonosafe generally takes no longer than using conventional prisms. Tonosafe saves you more time by eliminating the sterilization process. Tonosafe also makes your facility more environmentally friendly by having a separate ‘prism head’ that is disposed after use and a ‘holder’ that is retained for 19 additional uses.

Eliminates cross-infection and contamination

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Our commitment to making your practice or facility more successful obligates us to help you reduce infection, save money and help free up valuable doctor and nurse time. With Tonosafe, you dramatically reduce the risk of infections and corneal burns. And that reduces the risk of costly and stressful litigation.

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