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KSL-H Slit Lamp

Painstakingly Crafted Slit Lamps.

The KSL-H  Slit Lamps provide quality in Keeler optics in a  visually appealing, flexible confugration with value for money,  

We set ourselves the task of designing a slit lamps to exceed performance expectations. Our painstaking attention to detail has helped us to achieve just this.

The result is Keeler KSL line of slit lamp, combining intricate performance with practical elegance.


  • Keeler Optics 

  • Magnification KSL-H5-DR: x6, x10, x16, x25, & x40 

  • Magnification KSL-H3-DR: x10, x16, & x25

  • Shutter and Review control buttons on joystick base. 

  • Finger Trigger Activation on joystick control 

  • Background illuminator 

  • Auxiliary diffuser 

  • Blue Filter 

  • Illumination Control mounted next to joystick.

  • Incorporated yellow battier filter 

  • 1mm Square aperture for Uveitis assessment 

  • LED illumination 

  • Available in unit or table mount configuration 3 Year warranty

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