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KSL-H-DR (Digital Ready)

The KSL-DR digital ready Slit Lamp comes with many standard options like a background illuminator, auxillary diffuser, blue filter and essential camera and review control buttons mounted on the Slit Lamp dashbord area.

The Digital Ready slit lamp can seamlessly be upgraded to a full Digital system with the purchase of our Keeler camera module along with the exclusive Kapture software.


  • Keeler Optics 

  • Magnification KSL-H5-DR: x6, x10, x16, x25, & x40 

  • Magnification KSL-H3-DR: x10, x16, & x25

  • Shutter and Review control buttons on joystick base. 

  • Finger Trigger Activation on joystick control 

  • Background illuminator 

  • Auxiliary diffuser 

  • Blue Filter 

  • Illumination Control mounted next to joystick.

  • Incorporated yellow battier filter 

  • 1mm Square aperture for Uveitis assessment 

  • LED illumination 

  • Available in unit or table mount configuration 3 Year warranty

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