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D-KAT Z-Type Digital Keeler Applanation Tonometer

Discover the new standard ... Keeler D-KAT Digital Applanation Tonometer


Keeler have been leading the way in optical innovation for nearly a century and the latest addition to the Keeler range of tonometer's is no exception Keeler are proud to launch the world's first Digital Applanation Tonometer designed specifically for Zeiss type slit lamps. British made, the D-KAT Z-type is reliable and easy to use, providing tonometry at it's very best. The D-KAT Z-type operates according to the 'Goldmann method', by measuring intraocular pressure from the force required to flatten (applanate) a constant area (3.06mm) of the cornea. The LED display enables ease of use in darkened envoiroments, whilst the internal electronics allow for the fast accurate measurement of IOP



  • Keeler manufactured

  • Keeler quality

  • Tonometry at it's best

  • British built

  • LED display for ease of use in darkened environments

  • Display reading to 1 decimal point

  • Low battery usage

D-KAT Z-Type Digital - Left View Screen.
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