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Reach new levels of convenience and patient comfort

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Reliance 980 Exam & Procedure Chair Recl


As the culmination of more than a century of engineering and design expertise, the 980 is recognized around the world as the leading full-power articulating round-base examination chair / minor procedure table.

We offer high and low base models. And all of our chairs come with a CSA, C/US Certificate of Compliance.

Step into convenient movements and functionality

Movements have never been easier.

  • Pre-select the chair's most used position with the programmable memory-positioning switch.

  • Auto return button returns the chair to the upright position from side switches and foot switches.

  • Dual controls for base and top functions, either by footswitch or membrane switches on both sides of chair back. 

  • Finger switches or corded foot switch to raise, lower, or recline the chair.

  • Membrane switches and rotation locks allow chair operations from a sitting or standing position with dual side controls.

  • Single lock adjustable concave headrest standard with choice of headrest to best fit your practice needs.

Headrest Options

Customize your chair with headrests that suit the types of exams and surgeries you perform. Available headrests for this chair include:

  • No. 18 Concave Fully Adjustable, which is the standard headrest for this model, and is used primarily as a diagnostic headrest.

  • No. 10 Stationary Pillow, which is primarily a surgical headrest in the ophthalmic field

  • No. 20 Articulating Surgical, which is primarily a surgical headrest in the ophthalmic field

  • No. 11 Articulating Pillow, designed for the ophthalmic field.

  • No. 21 Articulating Pillow, which is used as a diagnostic and surgical headrest for ophthalmic field.

Get assistance choosing your headrest.

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Reliance 980 Exam & Procedure Chair Blue

Discover Your True Colors.

Get inspired by our interactive Reliance Color Studio – choose from a full spectrum of designer colors to easily envision what your chair will look like.

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