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Buy 3 | Trade 3 | Get 1 Free

The Power of 3. Purchase any 3 Keeler indirects, trade in 3 of your old indirects and we’ll send you a 4th Keeler indirect absolutely free of charge - worth up to $3,000!

Program Details
The program allows a doctor, physician group, hospital, or surgical center to purchase in lots of 3, a Keeler line of indirects (All Pupil II,  Spectra Plus, Vantage Plus) and trade-in in a lot of 3 indirects (any make or model). The Free Indirect will be based on the Keeler indirect configuration purchased in a lot. If there is a mixture of three different indirects purchased then the least valued (street price) will be the free indirect. There is NO limit to the lots of products purchased and traded-in.

The Free indirect will be sent from Keeler to the End User, upon receipt and verification by Keeler of the traded-in indirects. No action will be taken without a copy of the distributor invoice and trade-in certificate.

This is a 3-for-3 trade-in. For every three indirects purchased and traded-in Keeler will shipped a similar purchased product directly to the customer free of charge.

Offer valid until March 31, 2019

BIO's (Binocular Indirect oPHTHALMOSCOPES)

All Pupil II Wired.jpg

All Pupil II Wired

Vantage Plus Wireless - Side View.jpg

Vantage Plus Wireless

All Pupil II Wireless - No Shadow.jpg

All Pupil II Wireless

vantage plus digital Shadow.jpg

Vantage Plus Digital

Vantage Plus Wired.jpg

Vantage Plus Wired

Spectra Iris Website.jpg

Spectra Iris


Keeler Wall Desk Pack New Website 1.jpg

Wall/Desk Pack

slimline battery for menu.gif

Slimline Lithium Battery


Vantage Plus LED Module

Keeler Smart Pack New Website 1.jpg

Smart Pack

Keeler All Pupil LED Module.jpg

All Pupil II LED Module

keeler Wireless Lithium Battery.jpg

Standard Lithium Battery

Keeler BIO Soft case New Website 1.jpg

Indirect Softcase

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