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Sleek design for maximum patient access

This contemporary instrument stand uses the same polycarbonate used on supersonic aircraft to resist scrapes, scratches, and scuffs. A unique injection molding process creates a unique color, creating a noteworthy style.


Wheelchair Access Deliver care to wheelchair bound patients with an optional lower slit lamp arm. Cost applies to Americans With Disability Act’s Tax Credit.


Eclipse Room Light Control

The Eclipse activates all room lighting from the stand, or a small console. Lighting adjusts based on instrument moves or quick manual adjustments.

Contemporary Design Matches Reliance Chairs

Membrane switches ensure long-term use and improve safety

Super durable backlit membrane switches located on the instrument console control a chart projector, and the raise, lower and auto down functions of a Reliance examination chair.

Membrane switches last 10-times longer than their mechanical counterparts and increase safety by eliminating high voltages. They control intensity of the overhead lamp, and the binding posts typically used for the indirect ophthalmoscope.

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Reliance 7900-IC Black Console with hand

The 7900 IC (with instrument charging console) and the 7900 NC (no console) provide maximum access to patients and are compatible with all Reliance chairs. They include chair controls and three wells for handheld instruments (IC version).

Instrument Arms

  • Counterbalanced slit-lamp arm locks and allows adjustment with a single hand. 12’’ of vertical travel can be counterbalanced for instruments 12 to 60 lbs. A raise and lower switch on the slit lamp arm controls chair height adjustments.

  • Upper refractor arm offers 10’’ range of vertical movement; delivers instruments up to 20 lbs.

  • Third instrument arm available as an option: 10- to 50 lb. capacity; 10’’ of vertical travel.

Reliance 7900  refractor arm only.jpg
Reliance 7900 Console Only.jpg

Membrane Switches


Halogen Overhead Lamp

A long-lasting, low voltage halogen bulb is standard It provides a safe bright, direct light source.

Reliance 7900 overhead lamp only.jpg

Instrument Console

  • Includes instrument wells

  • Three rechargeable instrument wells accommodate Welch Allyn instruments

  • Offers connectivity with the optional Eclipse Room Light System--an infrared system that controls all room lighting through instrument moves or console switches

Reliance 7900 Console Only with hand ins
Reliance 7900 Non-Console Only.jpg
Reliance 7900 Console Only.jpg
Official Reliance Logo.jpg
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